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Second Sight


Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

That's Richard Parker-Harris' outlook on life, so of course that's how he ends up -- broke and brokenhearted on his grandmother's doorstep. Again. Richard realizes this is getting to be a pattern, one he is determined to break.

Hopefully before Susan Cade, his stepsister Meredith's cousin, breaks his nose -- again. But it seems that's what he's headed for when Meredith invites him to Cicada Ranch, the horse farm she and Susan own in California, and he fails to recognize Susan. How could he? He hasn't seen her in eight years.

The ugly ducking Richard remembers has turned into a swan, a gorgeous redhead -- and she still has an uncanny knack for picking winners at the track. Richard needs money, but he wants Susan. More than he's ever wanted any woman.

Susan is hopelessly in love with him -- Richard the scoundrel, the wastrel -- the real ugly duckling. For once Richard vows to do the right thing and get out of Susan's life.

But love has other plans.

A Note From Lynn Michaels:

I love horses and fairy tales so writing Second Sight was double fun for me. I love horses because they're beautiful, and fairy tales because they have happy endings. That's why I love to write romance.

Every good fairy tale has magic. In this story, it's Susan's ability to talk to horses, something I wish I could do. I like to think there are people who really can.

We can all relate to feeling ugly on the inside, no matter how we look on the outside. We all dream of waking up some day to discover we've become swans. Some of us are still waiting. Others, like Richard, have been a swan all along. It just took him longer to realize it.

And Susan's love to convince him.

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