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Honeymoon Suite


Dory Lambert is born to wealth and privilege as the younger daughter of a long-standing Kansas City banking family, but she is not happy.

At 14, she is a short, pudgy bookworm with a crush on the studly chauffeur's son, Chase McKay, who in turn lusts after Dory's older beauty-queen sister, Jill. But a few years later, the family is bankrupt and living hand-to-mouth after James, a sleazy cousin, embezzles millions from the family's securities firm and frames Dory's father.

Fast-forward to the present: Dory is still trying to find James, recoup the money, and restore her family's reputation when Chase, now a successful millionaire with his own architectural firm, reenters her life.

Marvelously quirky supporting characters and wickedly pointed dialogue and description add up to a wildly improbable yet hilarious scenario--Dory's FBI shadows have been with her so long that they present her with a gold pen when she receives her MBA--in a well-told romp that will delight fans of Jenny Crusie's Bet Me.

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