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Molly and the Phantom


Be very careful what you wish for...

Everything their hearts desire is the curse laid upon the Phantom, a 532-carat blue diamond, and the descendants of Sir Ossric of Glyco, the Scottish knight who won the stone in battle during the Crusades in Palestine in 1192.

The curse includes Chase Sanquist, jewel thief, a descendant of Sir Ossric, who arrives in the tiny European principality of St. Cristobel to steal the Phantom from Molly Savard, Princess Royal of St. Cristobel.

Chase doesn't believe in the curse until weird things start to happen and Sheik Shehabi, a sorcerer-sheik descendant of the sultan Sir Ossric beheaded to steal the Phantom, shows up at Princess Molly's birthday ball determined to kill him and reclaim the Phantom.

On the eve of her coronation Molly discovers that her uncle, the Regent, is stealing her blind by replacing the Crown Jewels one by one with fakes. She hatches a plan -- enlist Chase to steal the Phantom to protect it before her uncle can hand it over to Shehabi.

Molly's plan works until a bomb destroys a third of her palace. She and Chase flee with the Phantom, first by car, and then by foot into the snow-covered Alps with palace guards, helicopters and scimitar-wielding henchmen hot on their heels.

Can Molly and Chase escape St. Cristobel with the Phantom, save Chase from the curse and stay alive along enough to fall in love?

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